Model High School – Career Options and Basic First-Aid

Today Janahitha Seva Trust conducted Career guidance and Basic First-Aid seminar for Class X and IX students of Model High School, Sitaphalmandi, Secunderabad.

Around 100 students participated in both the seminars.

Career Guidance is a very detailed interactive session wherein the students are asked to speak about their dream profession. The speaker then guides them with how to approach that goal, by mentioning the various stages they have to undergo academically, what are the National and State-level entrance exams they will have to prepare for and what are the subjects they need to focus on.

Basic First-Aid introduces students to not only be prepared for accidental injuries but also providing life-saving first-aid they can provide to the smaller children in the school as well as in their community.

Types of accidents, their immediate remedies, the scientific reason behind certain procedures and also debunking some of the misconceptions depicted in popular cinema and lore.

Children are encouraged to form voluntary groups within their school and further in-depth knowledge on First-Aid is provided as a follow-up.

If you like this initative and know anyone in the school management from your neighbourhood schools and would want our team to come and share this very important and useful information. Please do send us a email with details on we will be happy to conduct our seminar.


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