Divyanga are people with birth disabilities or those who have incurred disability due to accidents.
In association with SNPM Foundation (Srivatsa Nrusimha Palaparthi Morampudi), Janahitha Seva Trust is providing artificial limbs (LN4 hands and legs) to the needy. The organisatoin is helping the Divyangas from 2 government primary schools.
Regular camps are held to provide patient assessment and fitment process. We partner with Inali foundation which has LN4 prosthetics that are 100% Made in India.
The fitment process includes various stages. They are as follows:
Patients information collection -Patients are catered on a first come first serve basis and are filtered in according to their amputation type and our ability to provide a solution.
Appointments are finalized – Patients are asked to visit the SNPM fitment center for the fitment.
Once the patients are at our center for the fitment, the P&O’s with the technicians carry on the whole process and this way the fitment is done. After every 15 days of fitment, a follow up is taken from the patient.

Divyanga Projects