Rakthadaan Seva Trust

A Common Platform For Blood Donor NGO’s, Groups, Associations & Regular Donors

We support our sister organization – Rakthadaan Seva Trust which is a consolidated platform for all Voluntary Blood Donor Organizations.

One of the leading IT company- “Dhanush Infotech” has come forward to support us in Software development and Mobile App. Around 13,000 persons have registered state-wide. The entire
system works on Artificial intelligence.

We have a 24X7 helpline which is being attended by our volunteers. We are planning to have 10 lakh Blood donors by next year. We are also planning to extend these services to Andhra Pradesh State by this year end and subsequently to all other states in the coming years.

So far, we have been in MOU with 9 NGO’S, at the same time we have Volunteers in every District, Mandal, and village. We mainly focus on Thalassemia and cancer requirements, and we have a target that Blood grouping test must be completed in each area within the state.

• Blood help with 4 Full timers

• Expenditure towards conveyance for travel, Blood Donation and Grouping camps

• Rakthadaan application expenditure such as server rent, SMS charges, Internet and other
incidental charges. Proposal for a van required to conduct medical camps and touring the entire

Taking into consideration the increasing need of blood donors, particularly inrural areas, a separate organization called “Rakthadaan Seva Trust” was formed.

Main Goal

The main goal of Rakthadaan Seva Trust is that no one should suffer or die in Telangana because of non-availability of blood. The main objective of this trust is to bring all the individual donors, associations, WhatsApp groups, NGOs etc. on one platform.


The focus area is to arrange blood donors in the entire Telangana region forpeople who require blood (due to operations, accidents, etc.). Rakthadaan is also focusing on arranging blood for patients suffering from Thalassemia and Cancer.

Children suffering from Thalassemia disease need to have blood transfusion very frequently depending upon the severity of the disease. On an average these kids might need blood transfusion every 15 days. People from various regions of Telangana are coming to Hyderabad for blood transfusion.


Rakthadaan tries to reach out to the remote villages too. We have appointed our coordinators in these distant villages.

We also form groups, conduct conferences for people who do not donate blood,to bring awareness amongst them and educate them about the benefits ofdonating blood for people in need.

Helpline: 040-48212621, 9030339229



Register for Blood Donation

Rakthadaan Seva Trust conducts blood donation camps and has a list of 14000 registered blood donors. We have a full timer round the clock to attend the blood requirement. On an average we receive 6-8 blood requests every day.

Request/Donate Blood by registering through Janahitha Seva Trust, Rakthadaan.

Request Blood

Please fill the necessary information and post your blood request. We hope the needy people recover soon.


Volunteering is a great way to network and meet other like-minded volunteers, working together towards a common cause.

Social Impact

450 +

Blood Camps

11,440 +


40,000 +

Blood Units Donated

10,000 +