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Shri. S Narsimha Murthy

Managing Trustee
+91 9701914349
Murthy gaaru is the founding member of Janahitha Seva Trust, He has a retired from Hindustan Unilever working as a Senior Manager – Marketing and since then has been working tirelessly for social causes over a period of 3 decades. He oversees the day-to-day operations and growth of our Trust and its activities. Under his guidance and patronage the Trust has grown tremendously; He remains an inspiration to everyone.

Shri. M. Nanda Kumar

Managing Trustee
+91 9704870703
Nandakumar gaaru is one of the founding members of Janahitha Seva Trust, He has retired from RTC as a Senior Manager and has since been involved in the health-related projects in the Trust. Under his guidance most of our Medical Camps, OP Helpdesks and Annadanam projects are being operating successfully.

Shri. M. Prabhakar
Managing Trustee
+91 9441121231Prabhakar ji is senior and one of the founder member of the Janahitha Seva Trust, worked in /Railways as superintendent in Accounts department. He used to involve in Day to Day activities of Annadanam and Shelter till Last year and presently due to his ill Health not able to come and participate daily but is regularly monitoring the Annadanam work.

Shri. Palaparthi Ramesh
Managing Trustee
+91 9652124066
Ramesh gaaru is a Senior Scientist in CCMB and has been working tirelessly for helping Divyangas. He has been very instrumental in partnering with various other NGO’s and Firms which provide LN4 prosthetic limbs, Callipers, and Counselling.

Shri. Yanamandra Ganesh
Advisory Trustee
+91 9000080492
Ganesh is a Senior Architect in a IT firm, He has been involved in the Trust activities and oversees the Technical details for the operations as well as focuses on Youth Skill Development projects of the Trust.


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