Medical camps

Slums or Seva basti’s are usually neglected settlements of economically poor citizens. There is a total lack of basic hygiene and awareness, leading to a lot of diseases and suffering.

Medium and Mega medical camps are regularly conducted at different slum areas/villages with the help of doctors and medical staff.

The doctors recommend diagnostic tests, which are conducted in the camp for Diabetes, Hemoglobin, Dental, ECG, Xray, Thyroid etc.

Based on the test results, doctors prescribe medicines which are distributed free of cost in the same camp.

On an average, we conduct one camp per month at various slums of the city.

Additionally, 4 camps are conducted every month in villages around Hyderabad. We specifically select villages which are far from PHC. The organisation also conducts special Dental and Ear-testing camps in Government Schools of the villages.

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