Basic First Aid & Career Options Seminar- Gujarati School – Feb 2024

On the Auspicious occassion of Basant Pachami which was today (14th Feb 2024), Janahitha Seva Trust conducted two sessions in Gujarati School, Secunderabad.

Post assembly 500 students and teachers keenly listened and jovially volunteered in the Basic First Aid training.

Some of the students were really happy that they learnt a lot of details around good habits and basic first aid.

The training included topics such as types of injuries, biological functions, immediate first aid with minimum resources and also demystified a lot of cliche techniques shown in bollywood movies.

Children and teachers were seen laughing with the anecdotes from our trainer. First Aid banners were used as props and posters were distributed to be placed in the schools noticeboard.

Second training session was around Career Options awarenes for class 9th and 10th, approximately 200 students participated in the auditorium of the school.

the session was interactive, Trainer started with asking students on what do they aspire to do when they grow-up, students responded with a wide variety of professions that they dream to pursue. based on their inputs the trainer demystified and provided difference between passion and profession.

then the children were given in-depth background on how to reach each professional course and what are the relevant entrance exams, what subjects they have to build their skills on, what are some of the premier institutes.

Most importantly emphasis was given on the minimum requirement to complete graduation and then pursue specialization courses. The need to plan properly, recognize their strenths and build on their weakness, always have the foresight to think about Plan B and C as well incase their primary Plan A fails.

Some good examples were shared about celebrities who struggled in academics but due to their passion worked hard and won laurels in their profession.

Teachers were so impressed that they thanked and congratulated the trainer and Janahitha Seva Trust on providing such insights for their students.

Janahitha Seva Trust would like to thank the Prinicpal Smt Brinda and the management for welcoming us to hold the seminar for the students.

If you know or want to conduct similar seminars in schools and colleges, please do reach us via email expressing interest, we will be glad to provide this free service. please note we would need atleast a weeks notice.


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